St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic
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St. Louis Animal Emergency Clinic FAQs

Where are you located?

Our inpatient/outpatient facility is in Bridgeton, Missouri, near I-270 and St. Charles Rock Road. (see Location/Maps)

What are your hours?

Our staff is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can we drop off pets prior to regular business hours?

Only if your pet is an established patient and prior arrangements have been made.

Is someone available for my pet after hours?

Yes, your pet will receive 24 hour care from our nursing staff and a veterinarian is always on duty.

Why can't I speak to the specialist prior to my initial exam?

The specialist will be happy to review the case with the referring veterinarian and answer any questions he or she may have prior to the initial appointment and exam. Time constraints do not allow the specialist to have phone consultations prior to your pet's initial visit.

What do AVS doctors do differently than my regular veterinarian?*

After receiving your pet's records, radiographs and copies of lab results from the referring doctors, our veterinarians will review the information and compile a history by asking questions and listening at the time of the initial exam. After the physical exam and gathering of information, the specialist will prescribe a diagnostic and therapeutic plan.

Can you give me a ballpark estimate for my pet?

The doctor will give you a written estimate at the time of your pet's initial exam and consultation. If you need a ballpark estimate prior to scheduling an initial exam, your referring veterinarian needs to call on your behalf. An accurate estimate can only be given after the AVS veterinarian has done a complete physical exam.

Are payments due at time of services rendered or can AVS bill me?

Payments are due as services are rendered. We accept personal checks, cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Care Credit.

Why does my pet need to fast prior to an examination?

If your pet has fasted, it will give us the option to do diagnostics on the same day as your exam if time permits. Also, many blood tests require fasting for optimal accuracy. Fast your pet when you are making an appointment for a new patient examination. The pet should be fasted from 9 p.m. the previous evening, water in moderation is acceptable. Exceptions to this fasting policy are: Diabetic patients - food, water, and insulin are to be given according to the normal schedule. Hypoglycemic patients - feed according to the referring DVM's instructions. Emergencies - do not feed after the appointment has been made. Puppies and kittens - fast six hours prior to the appointment time. Failure to fast may require that procedures be scheduled for another time

My referring doctor wants my pet to have an ultrasound or special procedure done. Why do I have to have an exam and consultation with the specialist?

It is required by law that a patient (your pet) be examined prior to any special procedure. The referring doctor is asking for a second opinion, which requires an exam by the specialist. We prefer to do a full exam prior to scheduling procedures to optimize the specialist's time.

How long will it take to get lab results on my pet's blood work?

Specialized laboratory results may take 3-10 days depending on the test.

When is a good time to call and check on my pet if they are hospitalized?

You may call any time to check on your pet, if there is any significant change our staff will call you, be sure to leave your contact numbers with the front desk staff.

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